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Impact Protective Services is built on a strong foundation of providing services to meet each client's distinctive needs. Our foundation includes assuring each client that they and their assets will be well protected by our qualified and licensed security officers.

We are a multi-talented organization with expert professionals who have the background, education and experience to provide a superior level of service in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Our goal is to provide a single source of professional resources and technical expertise to perform a wide range of services to meet all of a company's needs or individual security-related needs.  Whether in areas affecting human, financial, or physical resources, our objective is to protect assets and reduce exposure to loss.

The Impact Protective Service approach is designed to provide professional assistance to our clients in developing, staffing, and operating a security program or if there is an existing program, we work with the client in every way.

Our administration is staffed with experienced, knowledgeable and professional employees who are waiting to provide you with prompt and courteous service.  We hold our ethics and standards to the highest of levels and conduct ourselves accordingly, remembering that we work for you.  Our mission is to provide you with one-source security solutions.

Mobile Deggy Buttons That You Control.  Combining the Deggy Time Management System with the new Shurlocks real estate locks Impact has devised a method in which you can move Deggys (Buttons) to any problem area you desire.  By placing the real estate lock on a door handle, gate, gym area, ect. you now have the ability to ensure the areas you are having problems with are checked each and every time the officer arrives to your property.

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Deggy Time Management

Why use a guard tour system?

A guard tour system is an essential tool for any company that aims for high quality security service.

With this system, a security guard can prove when and where he/she is at any given moment, increasing service quality.

The guard tour system is set out once the security guard is given a data collection device (a Pen), and checkpoints (Buttons) are strategically distributed, which are then read by the security guard as he/she does his/her rounds.

In the past, security guards relied on the use of a watchclock.  An electronic guard tour, however, enables better control along with minimal tampering.  Better than GPS devices which only show that the officer drove to your site but not that he got out of his vehicle.

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